Knit to Fit instead of Knit to Be Disappointed

February 27, 2012

Learn to knit garments that fit!

Tired of knitting garments only to try them on when they’re done and find out they don’t fit the way you wanted them to? Come to the Carolina Fiber Frolic retreat and take our “Making a Commercial Pattern Fit the Wearer” class. Commit to never again knitting a too boxy, too long, too tight, too just plain wrong garment! Click on the sidebar to link to all the details.

Nearby Waterfalls

February 24, 2012

Whitewater falls

Whitewater Falls, at 411 feet high, are one of the highest pure waterfalls in the South. Over 3.5 miles, the Whitewater River drops 1,500 feet. The two largest drops (Upper and Lower Whitewater Falls) are accessible.

The Forest Service Recreation Area for Whitewater Falls is less than a 30 minute trip from our Retreat location – bring your family to the mountains with you and send them off hiking while you enjoy your new fiber friends! The falls are quite beautiful in every season, but especially in fall, winter, and early spring.

There are many more waterfalls, lakes & hiking opportunities in Sapphire Valley – come explore!! Click on the right hand side bar link for the retreat registration information.

Rigid Heddle Weaving: Take it to the next level

February 21, 2012

Yes, as you see from this scarf, you can make lovely things with handspun yarn and a simple plain weave. But if you’re ready to take your weaving to the next level, come take Pat’s “Tired of Plain Weave?” class at the Carolina Fiber Frolic retreat. You and your rigid heddle loom will become even better friends as you learn lace & texture techniques together. Add some color variations and you’ll be well on your way to weaving creative cloth for future projects! Click on the right side bar link for all the details. We hope to see you in the mountains!

Grab a Cuppa and Relax For a Spell

February 10, 2012

The people who come to the Carolina Fiber Frolic are a friendly bunch. Maybe all fiber people are? Anyway, whether you travel with a carload of friends, or you come by yourself, you’ll feel right at home with us in the Mountains. We’ll have the pot on for you, so register today (info in the right side bar) and get ready to settle in for a nice hot cuppa tea with all your new fiber friends.

Make Friends With Your Handcards

February 6, 2012

You can use your humble hand cards to prepare a fleece for either woolen or worsted spinning – if you have the right information. Come take a class from the talented Kate Larson on Making the Most of Your Handcards.

You’ll learn how to blend fiber and color and how carding techniques can affect your finished yarn. Both spindle spinners and wheel spinners are welcome in this great class. Click on the right hand side bar for all of the Retreat Registration information.

To Ply Or Not To Ply. Is That Really a Question?

February 4, 2012

Singles. Yes, there’s a time for working with singles, but one of the skills most often mentioned during the “I wish I were better at this” conversation is plying. No one wants to “waste” their singles, and everyone wants a stable, useable yarn when they are done.

Active singles, relaxed singles, Navajo plying, come learn what these terms mean and when to use different plying techniques. Come take the Playing With Plying class at the Carolina Fiber Frolic retreat and improve your plying skills!

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Over Under Over Under Over Under

February 2, 2012

Wondering what to do next with your rigid heddle loom? Tired of plain weave? Come to the Carolina Fiber Frolic and take a full day class learning what else you can do with your loom to completely expand your weaving horizon!

For complete class info & registration info, click on the link in the side bar. We know you want to come Frolic in the Mountains with us, so you may as well sign up while the Early Bird Registration rate still applies & use those savings to buy more yarn!

Rigid Heddle Looms - they can do more than you realize!

Gearing up for the 2012 Carolina Fiber Frolic Retreat

January 30, 2012

Drafting:  One of the spinning classes at the 2012 Carolina Fiber Frolic Retreat will be on different ways of drafting fiber.

The class is called Draw Me a Yarn.  It’s going to be a great retreat!

For the full class description and registration information, click on the link in the right side bar. Hope to see you in the mountains!

Video from the 2010 Carolina Fiber Frolic

November 23, 2010

Here’s a video compilation of the 2010 Carolina Fiber Frolic Retreat. Credit goes to my hard working husband for taking the time to put this together for us – Enjoy!

The Retreat Setting

October 26, 2010

The Carolina Fiber Frolic Retreat is going to be held at the Inn at Middleton Place, near Charleston, South Carolina. The dates for the 2011 Retreat are February 24-27. The formal gardens are just a short walk from the spinning room.

Can anyone ask for a more beautiful location than this to gather with like minded fiber fanatics, enjoy great food and great company, and spin, knit and enjoy a long weekend together?