Fall 2018 Retreat

The November 2-4, 2018 Retreat is almost full (just a few seats remaining as of 8/31). Thanks to everyone who has registered & a reminder to those of you who are thinking of coming that you should get yourself registered asap!

Here’s a few snapshots of the Limited Edition Fall 2018 bags:


I found the gorgeous fall leaves batik fabric while we were in Alaska this summer – I love finding great fabrics when traveling! The fabric is a lovely fall combination of oak, maple and birch leaf motifs in all the fall colors of mustard, olive green, copper, plum, russet and gold.

While knitting on our friend’s boat, I re-discovered the advantages of a drawstring bag: including but not limited to: they’re quick to cinch shut with a moment’s notice, you can use the drawstring handles to hang your bag (when in use & when closed) from a hook, a chair arm, your arm, a boat cleat, you can work on your project with the bag mostly cinched closed with minimal risk of things popping out. What do you like about drawstring bags?

These bags would accommodate large shawl, sweater, or multiple smaller projects at the same time – the 100 gram hank of yarn is shown for scale (not included in the purchase of a bag) with an interior 2-part pocket (from quilters cottons) perfect for pens, glasses, Poke Me Nots, in the smaller side, and your tape measure, stitch markers, yarn labels, etc. in the larger side. They are lined with a copper beech color canvas fabric that is also used for the drawstring casings. As you can see, the canvas gives a nice structure to the bags & they easily stand up on their own. I revamped how I make the drawstring casings on these bags & it’s a crisp, durable, fuss-free design. The drawstrings are a heathered grey cotton cord. The base (for the first batch of bags) is a deep charcoal-blue grey industrial wool blend fabric that picks up that same deep background color in the batik.

The bags measure approximately 13.5″ wide, 12″ tall and 5″ deep at the base. They have a special Carolina Fiber Frolic Fall 2018 tag sewn into the side. If you’re registered for the retreat, watch your in-box for information on pre-ordering one for delivery at the fall retreat. Thank you for your support!


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