Spring 2016 Spinning Focused Classes

Today I’m sharing preview information on the Spinning Focused classes that will be offered at the March 18-20, 2016 Carolina Fiber Frolic Retreat.

Plus one lovely Combo class that is open to Spinners, Knitters, and Crocheters 🙂

Spinning Handpainted Fibers
Handpainted combed tops and dyed locks can be found in a plethora of colors. The way the colors mix and shade in the fiber is often what draws us in, but can look “muddy” when spun into yarn. Come learn a variety of ways to prepare, combine, draft, and ply these beautiful fibers to give you the yarn you want. We will work with several different types of wool and a few luxuries like silk and yak.

Finishing School: Washing, blocking, and fulling techniques for handspun yarns
After your yarn is spun and wound into a skein, what comes next? Finishing handspun typically involves washing, but the exact approach depends on the fiber and spinning method used and what type of textile you want to make. Wet-finishing can be used to remove carding oils and excess dye, but can also add strength and durability or loft and halo depending on the method. This workshop will cover three common approaches to wet-finishing: washing, fulling, and blocking. We will spin a variety of fibers and yarn types, ranging from singles to tailspun, and finish them using different techniques. You’ll leave class with the skills you need to add a perfect finish to your handspun beauties.

Wool Breeds Short Course
Sheep around the world are beautifully diverse. Join us for an introduction to a range of sheep breeds and the characteristics of their wool. You will have a chance to handle fleeces and yarns from primitive, longwool, down- type, medium, and finewool sheep. Kate will offer tips on choosing the right wool type for your next project and resources for finding breed-specific fibers. Leave class with a notebook of the breeds covered in class and a better understanding of how wool type impacts the durability, resilience, and drape of your textiles. Bring your spindle or wheel, knitting needles or crochet hook, to sample fibers and yarns.
*This workshop is open to knitters, crocheters, and spinners alike.*

And one 6 hour class option:
Color and Creativity for Spinners
Inspiration is everywhere. The challenge for fiber artists is in translating interesting architecture, a sunset, or a memory into yarn and textiles. In this workshop, Kate will walk you through her own design process and help you begin a spinner’s creativity notebook. Building upon color studies and explorations you develop in class, the workshop will cover fiber preparation and spinning techniques used to manipulate color, managing handpainted fibers for different color effects, finishing techniques, and more. You’ll leave with an organized notebook filled with samples and ideas, and the tools needed to turn them into beautiful yarns.

I know I would love to take every one of these classes….. You?

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  1. Sandra turner Says:

    Please add me to email for spring 2016 retreat 3/18/16.

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