Thrum-­‐didly-­‐icious: Weave Without Buying a Loom!

So, you’re interested in weaving, but concerned about investing in a loom. Or you would like to weave, but don’t have an extra room in your house for a full size floor loom. Or perhaps you spend more time sitting and waiting for people than you spend at home. Or could it be that your stash of yarn scraps has started to mock you from the other side of the room.

If you answered YES to any one of these questions, this class is for you! You just need at least 12″ lengths of yarn and Suzy will have you weaving in 3D! Once you’re hooked on this portable process, you will be ready to weave Kindle, Nook or iPad cases, pillow tops, tote bags, camera cases, cell phone pouches and more!

Affordable, portable, and a way to use those bits of yarn that you haven’t been able to part with. Win Win! Click on the link in the right side bar for all the registration info.

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