Nearby Waterfalls

Whitewater falls

Whitewater Falls, at 411 feet high, are one of the highest pure waterfalls in the South. Over 3.5 miles, the Whitewater River drops 1,500 feet. The two largest drops (Upper and Lower Whitewater Falls) are accessible.

The Forest Service Recreation Area for Whitewater Falls is less than a 30 minute trip from our Retreat location – bring your family to the mountains with you and send them off hiking while you enjoy your new fiber friends! The falls are quite beautiful in every season, but especially in fall, winter, and early spring.

There are many more waterfalls, lakes & hiking opportunities in Sapphire Valley – come explore!! Click on the right hand side bar link for the retreat registration information.


One Response to “Nearby Waterfalls”

  1. Briana Burris Says:

    Corbin Creek Falls is a waterfall in North Carolina on Corbin Creek near Upper Whitewater Falls . As with most of North Carolina’s waterfalls, it is in the mountainous area of the state. There is a cluster of falls in the area where the borders of Georgia and the Carolinas come together. Corbin Creek Falls is part of that group, very close to the South Carolina border.

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