Spinning Retreat

Spinning in Alaska

I’ve been working for several months on pulling together the details for hosting a spinning retreat. This time last year I was a brand new spinner and traveled to the panhandle of Florida for the opportunity to spend the weekend with other spinners. I had a blast, but 10 hours (one way) on the road seemed like a lot……. so I started searching for other spinning events.

When I couldn’t find anything closer, I figured there might be a few other people who would also be interested in getting away with their fiber, their wheel or spindles, and being surrounded by other people who “get it” when words like drive ratios, treadle, S or Z twist, BFL vs. Romney, combing vs. carding, rolags, roving, batts, punys, all those esoteric details that our friends and family endure, sometimes politely, sometimes rolling their eyes, come rolling off our tongues.

Jar o Wool

(By the way non-spinning people, the smirks and eyerolling really aren’t necessary. Just a genuine oooooohhhhhh, or aaaaahhhhhhhh when we show you the latest skein would be wise………Here’s the most important tip I can give to a non-spinner: when shown a skein of handspun yarn, don’t ever let your first question be “what are you going to do with that”? Just don’t go there.)

I digress……. back to the retreat. So I decided to explore hosting a spinning retreat and today the registration information is ready. You can click on the link on the top right sidebar, or you can click here. Here’s a photo we took when we selected the site for the retreat:


It’s going to be a fantastic weekend. Classes will be available, but optional. Vendors will be available. Evening activities are being planned. Door prizes are being gathered. Spinners and fiber fanatics are going to be together on a southern plantation (here’s where we’ll be), in the southeastern United States, in the early spring. What could be better? I hope you’ll make plans to join us.

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